Starting any business is difficult. But starting a business in travel has it’s own challenges. Each week, we […]


Lost Tribe is a community of travellers, adventurers and creatives.  We all have our reasons for hitting the […]

Mexico City is an exciting mix of distinct neighbourhoods, growing adjacent to museums and cultural landmarks that dot […]

All heads are up and bodies totter from left to right, then backpedal, listless as their airborne kites, […]

Looking out onto Alameda Central it’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of Mexico City. It’s closer […]

The gentle sway of my bed brought me out of a deep slumber. It was 6:45am and the […]

Pastel coloured colonial style architecture line the streets. The scent of fresh flowers emanate from the ubiquitous parks […]

It’s a new year full of new adventures.  As we start planning that next thrilling getaway, it always […]

México is a land of tremendous diversity, colour and vibrancy.  From the hustle and bustle of México City […]

A few months ago, I visited Norway to discover the beauty of the Lofoten Islands. I roamed these […]

I’m twenty-five years old, and a twenty-one year, post-heart transplant recipient.  I was born with a rare congenital […]

Rio de Janeiro’s favelas are continuously given a hard time in the media. If we play a game […]

Yoga encourages us to cultivate self-awareness of the breath and body as a means of relaxing the mind. […]

Iysha Nobes is a compassionate, adventurous yoga instructor and world traveller who thrives upon connecting with herself and others […]

After recently accomplishing my goal of visiting all 50 states in the U.S.A., I wondered where in the […]

It’s summertime in The Six (Toronto) and the livin’ is easy. The dog days are finally here.  This […]

When I moved to Kraków a couple of years ago, I didn’t expect that I would be able […]

Ahh, Travel. The things you do to us. Bringing out new and beautiful characteristics from corners of our […]

Starting a magazine can be a daunting and time consuming task.  Admittedly, when I got started, I grossly […]

If you’re looking for adventure, stunning landscapes and a vibrant music and arts scene, then book yourself a […]