Gap Year: Journey to Reinvention

I realized it as soon as I set foot in Bangkok.  Amidst the heat and chaos I felt that unmistakable rush of being somewhere new.  The feeling is impossible to describe, but one which I had missed desperately.  Back home, I had slowly begun to settle, new job, new car and the sounds of my roots sinking deeper into the Calgary soils of stability.  How could I not want this?  The answer is quite simple.  When I travel, I find freedom, self reliance, inspiration and excitement.  Life is simply different.  We have all been there before.  Somewhere between here and where we want to be.  A period in my life when inaction was complicity.

Thailand was a truly special place.  Not too far off the beaten path, Thailand has been explored and somewhat exploited by millions of tourists.  That said, there are pockets of tranquility that remain preserved.  Islands like Koh Tao, remind you how simple life can be.  The island feels like home within just a few nights.  The locals friendly, and the scooter rentals cheap.  Larger islands like Koh Samui buzz with activity at night while the pristine beaches beckon you throughout the day to relax and lament on life.  I knew immediately that going home would be nearly impossible, and in fact it was.  I returned to my shiny new car and exciting new job with an overwhelming understanding that opportunity is fleeting.  Naturally with time, one grows roots but this was simply not my time.

I had little choice but to put a plan into action.  A plan that would forever change my outlook on life and prospects for the future.  I decided to do the one thing I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m chasing my dreams to Latin America.  I will not wait, settle, or waver.  Life is beautiful, my heart is full and my eyes focused firmly on the prize.  Freedom, patience and gratitude is all I really need, and all I really have to give.  They say that when you find yourself among the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.  Thailand allowed me to pause.  Returning home allowed me to reflect.

I’ve decided to do the one thing to scratch this itch.  I’m taking an adult Gap Year.  With just a backpack and a smile in tow, I’m off to find a better connection with the planet and my fellow man.  I know not where I’ll end up, and although it may be a little scary to pull up stakes and relocate once again, the prospects of an ordinary life with lingering questions of what if are much much scarier to me.  The thing is, some people just get it.  It makes sense regrets will kill you.  At the same time it wont make a single bit of sense to others, and that’s perfectly okay too.  We each have a path in life to walk and one is no better than another.  All a person can hope to do is to find the one for them.