15 things I wish my parents taught me

1.  Childhood is wonderful.   Rather than being told that “you’re trying to grow up too quick”, I wish it was pointed out that past a certain age you cant play all day, build forts, explore gullies and make up stupid games with your siblings. You will never, ever have that time with them again. Speaking for myself, and possibly many more just like me.  If I was taught the value of childhood long before I worked it out for myself, and life got shitty and hard, we wouldn’t have a generation of Peter Pans and then maybe I would be a little more like Wendy and eventually want to grow up.

2. When animals, family and friends die, they don’t necessarily go to Heaven. Sometimes they just die and and that’s OK because that’s life.  But, if I choose to believe that they all come back as something else, reincarnation type deal then that’s great too. Whatever is going to make it easier to let go is what’s important.

3. Religion. Teach me about all of them, then let me know that its ok for me to choose which one I want to follow. Just as important, teach me that if I don’t want to follow any of them that’s ok too.  It’s the the universal teachings and lessons that I should to listening and taking into account.

4. If you do not follow your dreams you will be miserable. So follow them, fight for them and go do what ever the hell will make you happy.

If you do not follow your dreams you will be miserable

5. You will have your heart broken in the most horrific ways, perhaps multiple times. It is not the end of the world, sometimes its just the beginning. Never place all your happiness in another souls hands.


6. Always wash your clothes in cold water and do not put them in the dryer. Even better yet don’t connect the hot water tap to the washing machine.

7. You are not fat at 14. or 15. or 16. Enjoy these years because your hips will never be as small or your tummy as flat!

8. Tragedy happens and you are not immune. Bad things are going to happen. They happen to everyone. It is not like a book or a movie. There is no set cold winter’s night when tragedy will strike, it can just as easily be a happy, hot summer’s afternoon. Your heart will sink, you will repeat what you heard and you will fall apart. This is normal.

9. Do not bleach your hair. Ever. It will fall out, turn into a mullet and never grow back quite the same.

10. Be happy with the little things. Smile when someone lets you into traffic. Smile at shoes thrown over power lines. Smile at all old people and all babies, even the ugly babies. Smile at the crazy man that hangs out in the middle of your small town, he’s probably happier than you are. Smile when you don’t feel like it because life’s way too short to waste it being miserable.

Smile at the crazy man that hangs out in the middle of your small town, he’s probably happier than you are.

11. In your teens, you will more than likely be angsty, depressed and feel entirely alone. Your body’s hormones are going crazy. You will not always feel like you feel in these years, except (from what I’m told) when you go through menopause.

12. If a boy wont tell you he loves you he probably doesn’t.  If he says it way too easily, he is just trying to get in your pants. And a wise word from my Grandma to all the ladies out there: “Never be just a flash in the pan”.

13. The first time you fall in love it will be amazing, nauseating, out of control, dramatic and truly the most beautiful thing that may ever happen to you. So enjoy it for every moment its worth!

14. Music is important. Yes, they paid for my singing lessons and painstakingly sat through numerous a hideous performance, but having it as a permanent fixture in a household is important. I know other people that grew up in a house full of music and they seem more well-rounded, and no mum your Barbara Sterisand vinyls don’t count.

15. Everyday. Everyone. Always. Be Kind.

Shout out to Libs and Shano for being my parents and for always being my friend:)