Why I put all my stuff in storage to travel cross-country and listen to people

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In teams of three, the StoryCorps Mobile TK travels across the country, facilitating interviews. Photo: Courtesy of Emily Janssen In teams of three,theStoryCorps Mobile Tourtravels across the United States, facilitating interviews between ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Emily Janssen (center) shares a moment inherteam’s Airstream trailer, known asBetty. Photo: Courtesy of Emily Janssen Ever had the impulse to put everything in storage, sublet your place and travel across the country in an Airstream trailer?

That’s what Emily Janssen did when she joined the StoryCorps Mobile Tour as a facilitator, someone who helps people record their own StoryCorps interview.

She’d worked for StoryCorps before, at their headquarters in Brooklyn, but in 2014 she decided it was time to hit the road. Now she crisscrosses the country with a mobile recording booth and a team of three, parking in one spot for four or five weeks and recording interviews with people who live there.

The team records seven interviews a day, five days a week. Janssen oversees the technical aspects of…

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