Our Contributors: Matt

Matt Payne is a multi-talented writer working in both film and television and travel. His travel-writing career has taken him to more than 20 countries, writing for multiple regional and national magazines and websites. Most recently, he appeared on the Nationally syndicated travel radio program Rudy Maxa’s World with the Careys discussing the Philippines and his most recent piece on Iceland can be found in 405 Magazine. His endless globetrotting makes Matt one of the few Americans that can say “I’ve been to Fiji twice,” which you can read about on Vagabondish.com.

In addition to travel, Matt also has fifteen years experience working in the film and television. Matt began his career as a writer’s PA on the show 24 and as an agent’s assistant at The Endeavor Talent Agency. From there, Matt went on to work as an assistant to showrunners Greg Walker and Jan Nash on CBS’s Without a Trace. After the show’s cancelation Matt continued to work at CBS writing episodes of The Defenders and Vegas in addition to an episode of TNT’s Memphis Beat.

Matt recently moved back to Oklahoma with his fiancé, lives on a horse farm and continues to write screen and teleplays, travel and is creating a writer’s workshop called the Matt Payne Writer’s Workshop where he will work with aspiring young writers eager to learn the craft.