Barcelona Vibe Guide


Barcelona is a culturally and visually overloaded ant colony. I moved here more or less a year ago, since then I had enough time on my hands to explore its hidden corners. Funny thing is despite the aformentioned, it has never occurred to me what a great topic my home can be. I’ve been trying to organise my travel schedule and finances for weeks so I can come up with a new idea to post… Suddenly, I realised, I have been sitting on a gold mine…  So here it a goes, a brief introduction of Barcelona, capital of Catalunya, through the eyes of a sarcastic foreigner.

Let me share a few of my observations (please note some statements might be either exaggerated or fictitious.):

– If Barcelona were a country its currency would be cafe con leche, for sure.
– Majority of residents are hipsters and youngsters whose current goal in…

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