5 Reasons You Should Start a Magazine

Starting a magazine can be a daunting and time consuming task.  Admittedly, when I got started, I grossly underestimated what it took to get up to snuff so that I could finally mention it to people without some much deserved eye-rolling.  So with many failed attempts at quitting, I find myself here to share the 5 reasons you should start a magazine.  Now before you read any further, you should know that this is not a how to start a magazine guide.  If you need steps, all the practical details can be found in a simple google search, but finding a little inspiration, and motivation from a chronic procrastinator should be all the why not me? you could need.

#1 There are people out there just like you.

 If you think something is cool, there’s a great chance a lot of other people will feel the same way.  After all, there are 7 billion people on earth — your interests are bound to have an audience!


#2 You’ll learn how to do things you never knew you could  

An entrepreneurial mindset is sure to lead you to learning all kinds of things you never knew you’d need.  Whether its basic web design, or editing in Photoshop, or something more meaningful like independence and adventure, the list goes on and on.  The main point being that you’ll inevitably need to learn how to do things for the first time again.  Ask yourself, “when was the last time I learned something for the first time?”  If you can’t remember, then it’s probably a good time to start learning again.  


#3 Life is all about Connection

Simply put, we are humans and we are here to connect.  Putting together a magazine requires you to reach out to people to write stories, share photos or anything else content related.  That’s not necessarily second nature to most people, so stepping out to send an email can lead to incredible discussions, even new friendships that you may otherwise have never known.

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#4 Going all in

Let’s face it, nobody really likes commitment, but starting a magazine requires a certain level of real commitment.  Whether it’s a daily digital thing, a quarterly print edition, getting the necessary pieces together, or even just the scheduling and planning for rolling content out over the course of a year or more (for no money), a magazine is a fair-sized commitment.  The other cool part is that you get to really dig into your topic.  If it’s music, guess what you’ll be doing more of?  Going to concerts and festivals!  If it’s travel?  That’s right, you have even one more reason to plot and scheme new adventures to far off lands.

#5 You may even make a little money.

What if you actually made some money working on a project that never really feels like work?  Now let’s not kid ourselves, way more magazines fail for so many reasons than magazines that actually “make it”, but it’s not impossible.  Every magazine you stumble upon online or at a newsstand began as an idea.  An idea just like the one you’ve been thinking about.

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If you made it this far, then perhaps it’s a sign that you should begin planning.  The world can always use something new to read between cat videos.