14 of our favourite Instagrammers worth following

It’s summertime in The Six (Toronto) and the livin’ is easy. The dog days are finally here.  This recent heat wave also serves as a reminder that it’s time for our much-anticipated semi-annual piece.  With no further adieu, here are some of our favourite travellers and adventurers on Instagram worth checking out today!  These awesome adventurers share a lust for life, boundless creativity and inspire us all to push our boundaries a little further.

1. @Mhiziroglu

2. @kaptain.kenny

I've only been in the Faroe Irelands for one day but already I can tell you that you need a car to see the best stuff. With a car you can drive through valleys to secret spots like this one. I still cannot believe this photo. When we first arrived here, the view was so astounding that we broke into happiness tears. The scenery reminded me of pictures I've seen of Kauai mixed with a bit of the Scottish highlands + Iceland. Appropriate given the location. The Faroe Islands is completely untouched – virtually undiscovered. • • • outdoorcollective #nationalgeographicexplorer #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands #natgeoyourshot #torshavn #stayandwander #livefolk #visualsoflife #wildernessculture #lifeofadventure #exploretocreate #artofvisuals #roamtheplanet #createexplore#ourplanetdaily #gooutside #passionpassport #visualsoflife #gameoftones #liveoutdoors #neverstopexploring #discoverearth #exploremore #vzcomood #travelstoke #theoutbound #lifeofadventure #peoplescreatives #stayandwander #moodygrams

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3. @deshoots

4. @l.artrepreneur

5. @koenhameetagram

Stop thinking and just let things happen 🏝🌊🔥

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6. @indragramm

7. @carolinetomlinsonillustrator

8. @joffreymaluski


9.  @claudiaalvrz

10.  @joely_gresh




14. @travywild

Not all specialties fit on a business card. . My degree is in psychology, but i had more credits and experience in athletic training. After college, my career began in group homes and homeless shelters before moving to high school classrooms, a retail floor, and lacrosse fields. There was a season of bike rides, trip leading, weddings, talking, and mentoring. Then there was the job as a caretaker at a mountain lodge where i spent the endless hours by myself learning to write. Writing, albeit still quite the personal challenge, makes up a large part of my career these days alongside travel, photo, video, a touch of graphic design, and a whole lot of continuous learning/self-teaching by looking at what others do and figuring out how i might be able to do the same. . i can't tell you how many times i've been told to specialize. Told no one will listen unless i go to grad school. Told my work won't be good enough if i pursue so many interests. Told i'm wasting my time. Told i am pursuing things which will never change. So many times i've come close to giving up things that eventually brought me so much. i believe that what i lack in specialty, i make up for in genuine passion, imagination, and grit to see plans through to an end. . But if i had to have a business card to hand to the universe, a small piece of paper to say "here's what i do. This is how i can help." i think the best thing that cosmic business card could do is put an explanation to how this picture and all the moments, thought, and work leading up to its creation have shaped me "Here you go, world." i'd say, "This is my specialty." . . . #natgeoadventure #roamtheplanet #moderndayexplorer #travelchannel #passionpassport #lifestyleoverluxury #wildme #havecamerawilltravel #hipcamp #nightphotography #ocean #astrography #starshots #oregon #beach #byfolk #folkgood #bespoke #bpmag #rollingheavy #travelgram #sprinterlifediaries #sprintervan #homeiswhereyouparkit @wilderness_culture @thisislifedaily @rsa_outdoors

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