Mexico City Guide: 48 hours in Polanco

Mexico City is an exciting mix of distinct neighbourhoods, growing adjacent to museums and cultural landmarks that dot the city.  In the northern part of the city is an area that the rich and famous call home.  Polanco – a place to see and be seen.

Building Polanco

Polanco offers the very best in upscale shops and dining, while maintaining a blend of European and Mexican style and aesthetic with local hospitality.  Around Polanco many of the winding roads are accompanied by large palms offering shade from the midday sun.  The roads seem to diverge in any and all directions, leading to roundabouts that open passageways to more alluring streets. You’ll find cafes and international cuisine, and outdoor dining on patios and in courtyards. It’s a place to get lost, both literally and figuratively.

Polanco 2

In Polanco, shopping is a favourite pass time.  Nearly every major high end fashion label resides here.  If you had been blind folded and dropped on any corner of Avenida Presidente Masaryk, you’d swear you were on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  That said, with all the luxury that is abound, there is quite a bit for us common folk to indulge in.  You’re within easy walking distance to everything.  It’s the perfect place for a lazy day, complete with late brunch and an afternoon ice cream on a park bench.  If you’re there on the weekend, chill out and watch the local children race their radio controlled toy boats in the park.

Racing boats Polanco

Where to Eat

Polanco is home to some of the finest restaurants in México, Latin America and the world. With world renowned restaurants such as Pujol, Quintonil, and Biko, you can really treat yourself to a fine culinary experience.

But don’t panic, it’s  not all wine and dine. There are some delicious and more affordable options such as El Farolito, serving everything from tacos, tortas and chiliquiles – this is a clear favourite among locals. And there’s no shortage of artisanal bakeries and fresh fruit stands either, with picture perfect produce that will make your mouth water.

Living in the lap of luxury

Hotel Busue is the perfect place to call home for your stay in Polanco.  Centrally located and adjacent to the beautiful Parque Lincoln.  The metal gates and curved archways allude to the decadent experience within.

The details in the ceiling and floors make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to a luxurious winery in the south of Spain, while the room decor, although simple, is comfortable beyond belief.  Be sure to set an alarm, as waking up in the king sized bed with a cloud-like duvet wrapped comfortably around make getting out of bed a serious challenge.

Busue 3

When you do finally decide to awake from your slumber, breakfast in bed is only a phone call away.  Fresh fruit, yogurt, juice and pastries accompany that all so important first cup of coffee.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to point you in the right direction to help you make the most of your time in Polanco.

Despite Polanco’s higher than usual price tag, it’s well worth a visit.  Polanco smashes stereotypes of under development. There are certainly issues with access and wealth inequality across Mexico City, but visiting Polanco can be an eye opening and indeed humbling experience. It certainly corrects the largely negative media portrayal of Mexico’s capital, and of the country as a whole.

Polanco 3