8 Best Travel Apps and websites to make the most of your next adventure

Planning your next adventure is fun and exciting, but it can be potentially challenging and daunting as well. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together the 8 best travel apps and websites to help you make the most of your next adventure abroad. We’ve broken down our recommendations into 5 useful sections: Best travel apps for cheap flights, where to stay,  how to get around, communicating around the globe, and staying healthy on the road.

Finding the Cheapest Flights

If you like being in on a secret, then this site is for you. Last minute deals from set departure cities and for set durations, but they’re incredibly cheap.  If you’re flexible in where you go and when, then you can find extraordinarily cheap flights to some incredible destinations around the world.

A flight search engine that quickly finds the cheapest flight from point A to point B. No more guess work if you’ve found the best deal available. Skyscanner has helped me and many of my friends save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Looking for a Place to Stay

This is by far my preferred way to stay. The app and website cater to your dates, budget, rooming type and location perfectly. You can easily find affordable and unique places to stay all around the world. Whether you’re in Mexico City or Tuscany, you can live like a local in neighbourhoods you’d otherwise likely never discover. Hidden gems and local favourites is what the app is all about. For those looking to travel a little deeper, Airbnb hosts are almost always accessible and like-minded, ready to offer advice and share the best of their city, saving you time and money.

How to Get Around

An offline maps app that helps you know exactly where you are and where you’re going in a new city. You’ll save hours wandering around asking for directions to the attractions and restaurants you’ve been dying to visit. Whether you’re in a major city or on a remote road trip, this app will help you get around and have confidence in where you’re going.


The best trips you’ll take are often the most complicated. Rome2Rio is your logistical guardian angel.  You can plan a trip from San Francisco to Bogota with each leg priced out in logistical detail and with options. You could fly, drive, sail or a combination of all the above.  Rome2Rio helps you make it happen.

Communication is Key

Duolingo is a language app that gamifies learning.  Having fun and collecting points along the way to fluency – not only is the app fun, but you actually learn the language.  The ability to communicate makes all the difference in your adventure. From gaining a basic understanding and appreciation to making new friends and uncovering a deeper level to a foreign culture.

Google Translate – the perfect off-line app. This app can be a crutch to lean on, a bridge between strangers or a language practice app that you can type in your exact sentence and learn how to say it in another language. This App is 100% necessary for global travel.

Keeping Fit on the Road

Nike+ Training – Travel is exciting, invigorating and inspiring, but it can also be fattening.  A huge part of travelling to foreign lands is indulging in the local cuisine. Spicy, cheesy, savoury and rich are the flavours of the world, and under no circumstances should you restrain yourself. That’s where the Nike+ Training App steps in as your personal training staff. The app creates full multi-week fitness programs, offers a la carte daily workouts, and more importantly keeps you motivated with reminders and digital pats on the back for your hard work and dedication.  The app has transformed the way I travel. Having access to a gym and weights while on the road is rare, but finding a space on a hotel room floor and 20-45 minutes out of the day for a high intensity workout is always possible.

This is my list of the 8 best travel apps and websites, but I’m always looking for more. Which apps do you use most often while travelling?