Humans of Lost Tribe: Macy Mariano

We love to feature some of the many amazing members of our tribe and community. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Macy Mariano also known as @wanderwithmacy. With a passion for travel and style, Macy has discovered her niche and today, creates content that people and brands alike  love. We sat down with Macy to hear about her passions and how she’s been able to use the power of social media to become very influential in her space.

Hi Macy, lets begin with a little about yourself and your passion for travel

I am 26 years old. Born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Miami, FL. I’m the oldest of five kids and love being weird and goofy. I am also a content creator and social influencer specializing in travel and style. Over the years, I’ve worked with countless brands and companies in clothing, beauty, food, and hospitality.

My passion for travel has grown tremendously. It all started with a trip to Iceland, that was my turning point! Today, that desire to go someplace new is like a raging fire inside of me. I have so much more to see and different cultures to experience and I can’t wait for my next adventure!

What’s your favorite destination to date? What made this place so special?

One of my favorite travel destinations I have been is Bali. No highways, scooters galore, great food, nice people; Bali is a lifestyle. I’m trying to go back next year.

Another place that has my heart is the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas. There is 700 islands to explore. I have never seen such beautiful water. I’m sure there are other places that have amazing water too, but this place it is just the beach and you.

Lastly, Iceland. Just glorious, it’s like visiting another planet! Iceland has really heightened my enthusiasm to visit such different places. There’s a lot left to see and do so I’ll need more time to explore. Hopefully, in 2019 I will make my way back.

Which places do your have on your radar to visit next?

I have so many places on the bucket list for next year. The Seychelles, Amalfi Coast, Munich, Austria, & The Faroe Islands! Those are a few for next year that are in the works. My passion for travel comes to life through my images. Through social media, I love to expose people to some places few people have visited. I hope that my photos spark and interest and perhaps encourage others to get off the beaten path and explore the world.

Is there a place you’ve travelled that you can see yourself moving to?

The place where I could pack up and move to tomorrow would be Rome. It was the first place I visited in Europe with my father. Every corner is just beautiful and ever since it left a mark. It brings a sort of emotion to me every time I arrive. Would love at one point to stay abroad in Italy for some time. If it would be somewhere in the States, perhaps Malibu, CA or NY for a little bit.

You’ve done an amazing job of growing your audience while maintaining high engagement. What are some tips you would share with someone looking to grow their online brand?

I began building my personal brand about a year and a half ago. I kept on reaching out to people and brands to build solid partnerships and ever since then I have been slowly growing. I prefer to grow slowly as well so that I learn. If you grow too fast, I feel that there is not enough time to look at important details to your success.

I email every day to countless brands, and a lot of good comes out of it. Some tips would be to make a media kit with all your information and past work that you have done to show new potential clients. I view it as my portfolio in a way.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger or influence, the most important tip is to be yourself and stay authentic. There are a lot of people who are creating very similar work, so the best thing to do to stand out is trust yourself and your own creativity. If you do this, you’ll be able to build a genuine following and long-term partnerships!

On the road to 90,000 followers, I’m sure you faced some obstacles. What are some lessons you’ve learned?

Some challenges I faced with building my brand is seeing what niche I liked. At first, I was a swimwear influencer. It just seemed nice because of course I live in Miami. However, I found I didn’t want to just promote swim. I did a lot of searching and transitioning to find what I liked and what made me unique, especially authentic. I wanted to find an aesthetic that I loved and also what other people like too. There will come a time when you find it! My advice for anyone who wants to become an influencer is that its definitely possible! There is still such a huge market. Find what most interests you most, be consistent with your content and always be yourself :)