If you’re looking for adventure, stunning landscapes and a vibrant music and arts scene, then book yourself a […]


I’m a Latin America obsessed traveler, but weirdly enough, I’d never put much thought into heading to Belize. […]

It’s an Island nation that’s made for wanderlust, a heaven of natural gems. You’ll find a new place […]

What can possibly be more magical than the turquoise waters, silky sand, and white Cycladic houses lining the […]

South America had always been at the top of my travel to-do list, so I was thrilled when […]

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As the 8th largest country in the world, it’s impossible for most travellers to explore all of Argentina. […]

Solo travel is my mission, fixation; my bread and butter; my great lust and divine obsession. I’ve galavanted […]

Looking at travel photos all day is pretty bitter sweet, but if you can stomach the envy, here […]

In the far north of the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Europe and the North Pole, lies a cluster […]